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29 USC Sec. 501 - Fiduciary responsibility of officers of labor organizations
(a) Duties of officers; exculpatory provisions and resolutions void
The ... shop stewards ... of a labor organization occupy positions of trust in relation to such organization and its members as a group. It is, therefore, the duty of each such person, taking into account the special problems and functions of a labor organization, to hold its money and property solely for the benefit of the organization and its members and to manage, invest, and expend the same in accordance with its constitution and bylaws and any resolutions of the governing bodies adopted thereunder, to refrain from dealing with such organization as an adverse party or in behalf of an adverse party in any matter connected with his duties and from holding or acquiring any pecuniary or personal interest which conflicts with the interests of such organization, and to account to the organization for any profit received by him in whatever capacity in connection with transactions conducted by him or under his direction on behalf of the organization.





Rule 15. Each job shall have a Union Steward who shall be appointed as such by the Business Representative of the District in which the job is located. Pending such appointment, the first journeyman going to work on a job shall act in the capacity of "Steward Temporarily", who shall report to the Business Representatives of the area where the work is being performed or to the District Council. The Steward shall observe and be governed by the rules pertaining to Steward as hereinafter provided.

Failure of members on the job to observe this rule and be governed accordingly shall subject them to a fine of not less than Fifty ($50.00) Dollars. Stewards are not officers of a Local Union or the Council while acting in the capacity of Steward.

Rule 16. A member going to work on a job or in a shop or plant shall show his membership book and quarterly work card to the Steward the first day of his employment. Failure of a member to so report his presence on the job to the Steward shall subject him to a fine of not less than Twenty-Five ($25.00) Dollars. Any member giving, loaning, selling or transferring his work card to any other person for any reason shall be subject to a fine of not less than Fifty ($50.00) Dollars.

Rule 17.  a. It shall be the duty of the Steward on the respective jobs to inquire of all member car­penters employed as to their standing in their respective Local Unions.  All members shall be in possession of the current quarterly working card and button on or before the 21st day of the first month of the new calendar quarter. The Steward shall report to the Area Business Representative any violations of the above, who shall take appropriate action.

b. Each Steward shall provide himself or herself with a "Steward" book/log wherein he or she shall keep a correct list of names of all members working on the job together with their addresses, telephone numbers, number of work card and Local Union in which they hold membership.

c. Stewards shall report immediately to the Area Business Representative or to the District Council any evident violations of the agreement, the work rules or any infringement upon our jurisdictional trade claims.

d. In case of injury to any member on the job, the Steward shall gather such evidence as may be useful to the injured member and report same to the Local Union in which such member holds membership or to the District Council. The Steward shall also oversee that the injured member's tools, properties and personal belongings are properly protected. Stewards failing to exercise their duties properly may be replaced as Steward by the Area Business Representative.

Rule 18. Any Steward, acting upon the direction of the Business Representative, shall be empowered to examine the wages received by any mem­ber, immediately upon payment, for the purpose of determining whether or not such member is being paid in accordance with the established wage scale. Any member who refuses to permit such examination of wages shall be subject to a fine of not less that Fifty ($50.00) Dollars.

Rule 19. All members on a job shall fully protect the Steward in the discharge of his duties, and the Steward shall not be discharged from any job because he has acted as Steward and exercised his duties as such. Should the Steward be discharged because of having exercised his duties, then all members on the job shall cease work and they shall not return ,to work unless and until they are so directed to do so by the Area Business Representative or an Officer of the District Council. Failure to support the Steward may subject the offending member to charges and penalty by the Trial Board.